What Is Mushroom Coffee, How It’s Made & Health Benefits

mushroom coffee

Coffee lovers are always trying new and exciting things. The recent one is making mushroom coffee. Mushroom coffee is a mix of some very unique ingredients.

Have you heard about it? Do you want to try it? Find out if you should sit this trend out or jump right into it! For all answers, we bring you a complete guide to mushroom coffee.

In this article, you will find out:

What is Mushroom Coffee, Should You Drink It?

Mushroom coffee is made with regular coffee but with mushroom extracts blended in. The four types of mushrooms that are mostly used are-Chaga, Reishi, Lions Mane, and Cordyceps.

The mushrooms are first thoroughly dried. The important components are then extracted from them to make a blend. This is what is stirred into your coffee.

The first question you might have is, what does mushroom coffee taste like? It is a common worry. However, it tastes nothing peculiar.

They add a bland, soil-like taste to your coffee. It is quite mild as most mushroom coffees are made of instant coffee mixed with the mushroom extract. The more aromatic your brew, the lesser you will realize this taste.

Why should you then drink this new type of coffee? Mushrooms have long been considered a superfood that helps in several ways. The concentrated mushroom extract in your coffee promises to bring all these advantages while retaining the delicious taste of coffee and without the mushroom fibers.

Health Benefits of Mushroom Coffee

Is mushroom coffee then, good for your health? Mushrooms have long proven to have some very healthy benefits. Traditional mushroom medicine has been in practice for centuries.

Different mushrooms have different benefits, as we will soon see. Nevertheless, here are some overall key benefits you can expect from a cup of mushroom coffee.

The above benefits are only mildly exhibited. This is because of the variance in mushroom extract doses present in the blend and how it affects people.

For example, since it contains adaptogens, we hope mushroom extract will dramatically reduce our stress. However, according to doctors, the body often adapts to adaptogens when repeatedly introduced to it. So, the effect may wane over time.

The potency of the extract depends on the concentration of mushrooms present in it. This varies from brand to brand. In general, the concentration is pretty low, which is why there are generally no side-effects.

Still, it is best to verify the company of your mushroom coffee blend and its procedures and regulations.

Who Should Avoid Drinking Mushroom Coffee?

You should not drink mushroom coffee if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This is because it can affect the babies hormonal development. You should also avoid it if you have liver or kidney problems or are taking any prescription drugs.

Types of Mushrooms used for Mushroom Coffee

Many types of mushrooms are used to make mushroom coffee. They each have their benefits. Let us take a look at some of them.


Cordyceps are parasites that are found on the back of caterpillars. However, keep your worries aside because most companies using it for mushroom coffees do not involve any caterpillars in the manufacturing process.

This type of mushroom helps you get energized without caffeine and with the help of balanced stimulation. Here are some more benefits of this type of mushroom.

Lions Mane

Lion’s Mane has been a beneficial mushroom for years. It is not only delicious but also nutritious. Here are some benefits of this type.


Chaga mushrooms are very active mushrooms that grow on birch trees. It has a huge number of health benefits, especially related to cancer. Not only does it have cancer healing properties, but also preventative qualities.

Rich with a variety of ingredients, it strengthens your immunity. The following are some of the many benefits of Chaga mushroom.

You can use the extracts from the above mushroom with warm or boiling water. It mostly does not ruin any of the health benefits that have been mentioned. You can also use various kinds of milk.

Full-fat coconut milk, almond milk, and oat milk are popular choices. You can use any home-made milk or store-bought ones. The types we mentioned are also very easy to make at home.

Putting Mushroom Coffee to the Test

How We Tested & Why We Tested?

For 1 month, we tested various mushroom coffee blends. To choose the best one suited for you, you must consider several factors. Since there are so many varieties, it is important to verify before choosing. To make your work easy, we have summed the factors up as follows.

Firstly, the type of mushroom. As we have seen, different types of mushrooms have different benefits. Although there are some common benefits, it is clear you add certain kinds of mushrooms if you want any special benefit that is exclusive to their type.

Secondly, we took at the caffeine contained per serving size in a particular mushroom blend. Caffeine has many side effects, some of which are not very good for our bodies. This is why it is important to note your caffeine intake.

Thirdly, we took a look at all the other ingredients present in the blend. These include natural ingredients that complement the taste of coffee like cocoa powder. Mushroom coffee blends that kept these to a minimum, and were simpler, ranked higher on our list.

We tested several brands under these factors. The winner, for us, was Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee. The Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee is 100% Arabica organic coffee grown in rich soil and canopied, lush forests. They are produced in Mexico.

The company also tests its coffee through third-party laboratories to ensure no mycotoxins are present. The coffee is vegan, as well as sugar-free. They also make their mushroom coffee without any fillers.

Here are a few things we loved about the mushroom coffee blends from Four Sigmatic.

People Also Ask

#1. Does Mushroom Coffee Have Coffee in It?

Yes, they do. Most blends are your regular instant coffee with added mushroom extracts.

#2. Is Mushroom Coffee Caffeine-free?

No, mushroom coffee is not completely caffeine-free. Since it has a mix of instant coffee, it contains caffeine. However, this content is almost half of what is contained in a regular cup of coffee.

#3. Does Boiling Chaga Ruin It?

Yes. Be careful not to let your Chaga mushroom coffee boil because it denatures the nutrients present and prevents them from achieving their full potential.

#4. Is Mushroom Coffee Good for Your Memory?

Yes, it is.

#5. Is Espresso Stronger Than Mushroom Coffee?

Yes, it is. The caffeine content in espresso, which is already more than regular blends, is much more than in mushroom coffee, half the caffeine content of a regular coffee cup.

#6. Can Mushroom Coffee Reduce Depression?

Help with stress and depression has been noted as a benefit of mushroom coffee. Lions Mane, especially, has been said to help reduce depression.

#7. Can Mushroom Coffee Increase Your Metabolism?

Yes, this has been noted as one of the benefits of mushroom coffee.

Mushroom Coffee Recipes

Quick 2-minute Recipes

We used Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee to blend some delicious brews that take just 2-minutes! These are some no-hassle, tasty recipes that can be made by anyone. Take a look at them.

Mocha Mushroom Coffee

You can also add the packaged blend into the liquid of your choice. Stir sufficiently and add in sugar and cinnamon to taste.

Caramel Latte Mushroom

Iced Mushroom Coffee

In a Bean Cell..

Mushroom Coffee has been taking the world of coffee by storm. If you are curious and interested, why not dive into this trend? Although its name might not suggest so, it does not taste very different from regular coffee.

In addition, there are multiple flavors and varieties available for you to choose from.

Choose a healthier alternative to conventional coffee. It has many benefits that you should not miss out on. With the quick recipes, enjoy a cup of delicious mushroom coffee!

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