What Is Bulletproof Coffee, Health Benefits & How to Make It

bulletproof coffee

Are you bored with your regular latte? Why don’t you try the incredible bulletproof coffee? Apart from offering excellent delicacy, this coffee also comes with massive health benefits.

Read on to find everything you should know about coffee before trying out this new recipe.

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What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

This coffee with a unique name is a creamy beverage that is rich in healthy fats. It can replace your entire breakfast due to the fullness its ingredients offer you in one drink.

This coffee is made of brewed coffee, grass-fed unsalted butter, and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. Thus, it is a perfect dose of high valued nutrients and beneficial fats for your body.

Why Is It Called Bulletproof Coffee?

Coffee is an assortment of healthfulness and all crucial nutrients. It is enriched with massive health benefits. This coffee prevents us from a lot of diseases. Since this drink protects us from illnesses, therefore, it is called bulletproof coffee.

Where Bulletproof Coffee Began?

Bulletproof coffee was invented by an American entrepreneur known as Dave Asprey. He found this concept of entire breakfast in a drink full of healthy fats while he was on his hiking trip in Tibet.

Why Should You Rethink Breakfast with Bulletproof Coffee?

As suggested by its originator, the best time to consume coffee is in the morning. You can have this drink instead of your breakfast.

Coffee is made of butter or ghee and MCT oil or coconut oil. These ingredients are excessively rich in healthy fat. Therefore, they can keep you away from hunger for a long time.

If you are planning to have your breakfast along with this drink, you might end up feeling extra full. Moreover, you will feel sluggish and heavy.

Make sure you do not take bulletproof coffee at night, as this can make you feel bloated while sleeping. Thus, you will not be able to sleep peacefully.

Do You Have to Blend Bulletproof Coffee?

Yes, blending the coffee is the most crucial part of this recipe. If you do not blend this drink, the oil will get separated, and it will form a layer on the surface of the coffee.

This may ruin the whole taste of this coffee. Therefore, make sure you blend it nicely to get a uniform color and consistency.

Health, Diet & Lifestyle Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee​

You must be wondering whether this low carb-high fat drink is right for your health or not. Do not fret at all. We are here to answer all your questions related to the health and diet benefits of coffee.

Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee?

Coffee, butter, and MCT oil alone can offer you certain excellent health benefits. Therefore, when these ingredients are combined, you can expect some incredible health advantages.

Downsides of Bulletproof Coffee?

Nothing in this world comes only with merits. Likewise, coffee also has its downsides. Let us have a look at those possible drawbacks.

Does Bulletproof Coffee Make You Lose Weight?

Grass-fed butter is proved to be an excellent source for increasing your metabolism. Furthermore, we all know that increased metabolism aids in melting down the excessive fat accumulated in our body. So, this bulletproof drink can make you lose weight.

Is Bulletproof Coffee Keto Friendly?

This coffee recipe was primarily introduced to enrich the Keto diet. This drink is low in carbohydrates and high in fats, so this is the best option for people seeking a high fat-low carb diet. Therefore, coffee is keto-friendly.

Is Bulletproof Coffee Healthy for Diabetics?

It is a well-known fact that low carbohydrates control the amount of glucose in the blood. Controlled glucose plays a significant role in the life of people with diabetes. Hence, this coffee is healthy for diabetes patients.

Can I Use Coconut Oil for Bulletproof Coffee?

Yes, absolutely. Coconut oil can replace the MCT oil in the coffee. Both of these ingredients possess almost similar properties.

We Drunk Bulletproof Coffee Every Morning for One Month

Our experience will help you to get a clear idea about this coffee before you try it. We tried the drink for about a month, and here are the results.

We felt extraordinary, energetic, and active in the morning after having this drink. Even our brains seemed to work better and were able to raise various curious questions. It means this coffee is undoubtedly going to improve your brain health and elevate your mood.

After a few hours of taking it, we started feeling extremely hungry, a lot before our actual lunchtime. After the first few days, we started feeling a tinge of stomach ache as well. Apart from all these, we felt an urge to have solid food, so we shifted back to our usual diet.

How Do You Make Bulletproof Coffee?

Now let us have a look at the two most mouthwatering recipes of bulletproof coffee.

Classic Bulletproof Coffee



Once your coffee starts looking smooth and buttery, you are good to have it.

Alimental Bulletproof Coffee



This recipe will keep you full for a longer time as it contains all the nourishments required.

How Long Do You Blend Bulletproof Coffee?

You need to blend this coffee until your drink forms a lather. Blend it till you get a creamy and smooth texture.

What If I Dont Have A Blender? Can You Make Coffee Without A Blender?

You can make a coffee without a blender. You can use a hand whisker or electronic frother. Make sure you do not just stir it with a spoon. This will separate the oil and coffee, and you will end up having a layer of oil on the top of your drink.

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee at Work?

Making coffee is an effortless task. You can use the coffee machine at your workplace to get the brewed coffee. You can carry the other two ingredients with you. Use the electronic frother of your office kitchen, and you are good to go.

Your Questions Answered

Is Coffee High-calorie and High-fat?

Yes, coffee is a high-calorie and high-fat drink as it contains a considerable amount of saturated fat.

Will Coffee Break Your Fast?

Since coffee contains high calories and fat, it will break your fast. Consuming calories, if any kind, will break your fast, and coffee is no exception.

Wouldn't I Get More Nutrients From Eating Whole Foods for Breakfast?

According to us,coffee only offers you the benefits of having fat in your diet. It lacks the nourishments of other vitamins and minerals. So, you will get more nutrients if you eat whole food.

Does Bulletproof Drinking Coffee Upset Your Stomach?

If you are new to coffee, this might bother your stomach initially as it comprises high saturated fats. These fats can upset your bowel and can also cause cramps.

Does Starbucks Sell Bulletproof Coffee?

Yes, Starbucks serves coffee. You can order this drink online for you.

In a Bean Cell

Coffee is a great concoction for those who have a busy schedule and dont get enough time to have a whole breakfast. This coffee is so enriched with fat that it reduces your overall appetite and keeps you energetic and active the whole day. That also without spending considerable time and effort on its preparation. Newbies should be cautious while having this instead of their breakfast, as it can upset their tummy at times. We hope this guide helped you with everything you need to know about bulletproof coffee.

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